Director's Welcome

Bienvenidos! Welcome to Medicos de El Centro (MDEC) Family Medicine Residency Program!

As the Program Director, I am delighted to introduce you to a training program that strives to cultivate top-notch medical professionals while fostering a sense of community, diversity, and individual growth.

Our program is a true rural training program. Residents will spend a majority of their time in Española learning how to be rural physicians by practicing at our community hospital and at El Centro Family Health, the local federally qualified health center (FQHC). Residents will take care of a diverse patient population in their continuity practice, and face a wide range of clinical scenarios including substance use disorder, obstetrics, geriatrics, pediatrics, as well as many dermatologic and sports medicine procedures.

Residents will also learn to be culturally aware when treating patients. Rio Arriba county is a special place to live with rich cultural diversity. In the heart of northern New Mexico, Española is surrounded by 8 Indigenous/Native American pueblos.  Our patients face many challenges and we strive to train physicians ready to partner with patients to overcome economic, geographic, educational, and language challenges.

Throughout their training, residents will also learn the leadership and advocacy skills needed to be physician leaders in rural communities. By graduation residents will be ready to  provide care and advocate for patients in a rural communities. We encourage you to explore our website to learn more about our diverse educational opportunities.

As we guide you on your path towards becoming an exceptional family medicine physician, we recognize the importance of balancing professional growth with personal well-being. Our program not only places emphasis on comprehensive medical training, but also on fostering a nurturing environment that supports the holistic wellness of our residents. We encourage residents to engage in activities that fuel their passion, enrich their spirit, and bring joy to their life outside of medicine. Our program ensures you can pursue a gratifying career while also enjoying the rich life experiences New Mexico has to offer.

As you consider the next crucial step in your journey to becoming a family medicine physician, know that we at MDEC are committed to resident-centered education and we have created a program that values learning. Our residency is built on a foundation of equity, integrity, respect, and compassion. We are not just training doctors here; we are shaping future leaders in healthcare.

Come share your passion for rural family medicine at Medicos de El Centro. Adventure awaits!

Dr. Nora Lamartine
MDEC Program Director